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Jade! is a multifaceted literary artist.  Writer, poet, book publisher, arts educator and cultural documentarian, she is also author of ON BEING FAT, BLACK AND FEMALE.                                                                                                                                                          


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In a “no, she didn’t!” collection of her highly-fired truths, Jade! lets it out about fat issues, men, ugly issues, men, dark-skin issues, men, spirituality, men, sexism, men, intra-color prejudice, men, teaching, men, financial challenges, men, mistress(ing), men, living in Harlem, men, Whitefolks, men, addictions, men, stupidity, men, life as a starving artist, men, denial, men, self-esteem recovery, men, friendship, men, almost gettin’ cussed out by Nikki Giovanni, men, love, men, womanism, men, lust, men, the wonderful craziness of the gift of life and men.

ON BEING FAT, BLACK AND FEMALE, initiated during her 20’s — “the dumb years” — explores how Jade! made it to grown womanhood.