Teaching Artist




In order to capture the minds of today’s youth, we need not ignore or compete with pop culture. Instead, we can capitalize on its extensive reach to encourage youth’s individuality of thought, academic excellence & artistic exploration by employing familiar sources within creative lesson planning.

Jade’s TEACHING ARTIST PORTFOLIO is an actual, 108-page, photo-literary journal formatted for printing as a coil-bound book.  Why?  What better way to showcase the skills of a teaching artist who is also a book publisher!?!

  • In the front matter – you will find a Table of Contents that begins on page v, in addition to Jade’s Teaching Artist Statement, Philosophy and Clients Serviced.
  • In the main body – which begins on page 14, you will find samples of her students’ creative works (poetry, prose, photography and essays), in addition to Jade’s artistic accomplishments and community documentation. 



Ms. Jade! in one of her happiest moments – posing with teen researchers and audience participants during a “Killa Swag” presentation at The Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem for The Dr. Beverly J. Robinson Community Folk Culture in partnership with “The Will to Adorn” project of The Smithsonian Institution.

 Since 2001, Jade has been endowed with 22 artist residencies:ARTIST RESIDENCIES - 012616 (96 DPI)